Haim Saban Defends Biden’s Vigor, Dismisses Ageist Hype

Hollywood billionaire Haim Saban, known for his support of the Democratic party, is coming out swinging against critics who say President Joe Biden is too old for a second term. Saban, who recently had to skip a fundraiser due to a positive COVID test, has made it clear that he’s not buying into the “nonsense” surrounding Biden’s age.

Saban, whose wealth stems from his involvement in the Power Rangers franchise, has been a vocal supporter of Biden and even hosted a swanky Los Angeles fundraiser for the President. Despite his absence at the event, Saban made sure to voice his unwavering support for Biden’s re-election bid. He emphasized Biden’s unparalleled experience and leadership, expressing his belief that the President is doing an excellent job in office, particularly in defending democracy and bolstering the economy.

However, it seems that Saban’s opinion may not align with that of the general public. According to a recent Economist/YouGov poll, a majority of U.S. adults, including registered voters and independents, have expressed concerns about Biden’s health and age significantly impacting his ability to effectively carry out his duties if re-elected. The poll revealed that a sizable 55% of respondents believe Biden’s age would severely limit his ability to serve another term, with even higher percentages among registered voters and independents.

The fact that Biden would be 86 at the conclusion of a potential second term has undoubtedly fueled the skepticism surrounding his age and capability to lead the nation. Saban’s staunch support for the President may not be enough to sway public opinion on this matter, as an increasing number of Americans continue to question whether Biden’s age could be a hindrance to his performance as Commander-in-Chief.

Written by Staff Reports

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