Haley Crushed by ‘None’ Option in Nevada, Trump Still Unbeaten!

Nikki Haley’s run for president has hit a major roadblock in Nevada. In a humiliating defeat, Haley came in second place to the “none of these candidates” option on voters’ ballots. Ouch! And it wasn’t even a close race. A whopping 63% of Republican voters chose “none of these candidates,” leaving poor Haley with a mere 32% of the vote. It seems like Nevada voters simply do not want Haley as their Republican nominee.

But here’s the kicker: former President Donald Trump wasn’t even on the ballot. That means Nikki Haley lost fair and square, even without having to compete against the mighty Trump. You know it’s bad when even the absence of your biggest challenger doesn’t give you a leg up. 

In a recent interview, Haley’s campaign manager revealed that they never truly considered Nevada as an important state to campaign in. “We knew months ago that we weren’t going to spend a day or a dollar in Nevada because it wasn’t worth it,” Haley said. Ouch, again! Talk about dismissing an entire state of voters. It’s no wonder Nevada voters showed their disapproval by choosing “none of these candidates.”

But the real showdown will happen in South Carolina on February 24th. Haley, being the former Governor of South Carolina, should have a good shot at winning in her home state. If she can’t secure a victory there, though, it might be time to seriously consider waving goodbye to her presidential ambitions. South Carolina will be the ultimate test for Haley, and if she can’t pass it, well, there are always other career options out there.

It’s clear that Haley’s loss in Nevada has dealt a blow to her campaign. But let’s not forget about Trump. He’s skipping the Nevada Primary to participate in the Nevada Caucus, and let’s be real, he’s likely to come out on top there. After all, he did win in Iowa and New Hampshire. So, while Haley may be licking her wounds from Nevada, it’s Trump who seems to have the winning strategy so far.


Written by Staff Reports

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