Half of America Rejects Racial Affirmative Action: Left’s Agenda Crumbling

A new survey conducted by Pew Research this week reveals that half of American adults disapprove of affirmative action policies which take into account applicants’ ethnic backgrounds and minority status when making school admission decisions. This survey is a wake-up call for the political left who have been pushing for this unfair policy for far too long. It is reassuring to see that 74 percent of Republicans and right-leaning citizens are against affirmative action taking into account racial factors, while only 29 percent of Democrats and left-leaning citizens believe it is a fair practice.

When broken down by race, we see that the majority of Americans feel that affirmative action policies are discriminatory. The survey found that 57 percent of White adults and 52 percent of Asian adults disapprove of affirmative action. Even 29 percent of Democrats and left-leaning citizens feel that applied affirmative action is discriminatory. This proves that the left’s policies are losing support not only among those who disagree with their ideology, but also from those who they expect to support them.

It is essential to note that nine states have already prohibited the consideration of race in college admissions. The United States Supreme Court is also preparing to release decisions in two affirmative action policy cases at Harvard University and the University of North Carolina. This survey reinforces what we already know – race-conscious decision making is not only unfair, but it is also unconstitutional.

The survey shows that Americans believe that considering race and ethnicity in admissions decisions makes the admission process less fair. It is crucial that America’s top educational institutions consider applicants’ merits and achievements, rather than their ethnic backgrounds. Americans believe that the overall admissions process should be based on a fair and equal opportunity, not on virtue-signaling policies that only serve to further divide our nation.

It is time that America returns to its core principles of equality and fairness, and this begins with removing affirmative action policies. We must end affirmative action policies that are based on race and ethnicity and focus on the best candidates for the job or school admission. America is a land of equal opportunity, and individuals should be judged based on their qualifications, not their skin color.

Written by Staff Reports

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