Harris Ignores Border Crisis, Attacks Heroes: The Biden Disaster Continues!

It’s truly astonishing how Vice President Harris, the so-called “border czar,” manages to completely neglect the border issue while simultaneously proving her incompetence whenever she does address it. It’s almost comical, if it weren’t so concerning. Just like President Biden, Harris has made a single token visit to the border in response to overwhelming criticism. But don’t worry, she only uses the border as a platform to attack our dedicated US agents and Republican officials who are actually trying to enforce our laws. It’s clear that she has no genuine interest in tackling the crisis she and her administration’s policies have created.

The Biden-Harris administration seems to have a warped perspective that enforcing the law is somehow an attack on immigrants. It’s a classic case of playing the victim card, as if those who want secure borders and the adherence to our laws are “demonizing” anyone. It’s utterly absurd. Take Governor DeSantis’ recent actions in Florida, for example. He has strengthened E-Verify to prevent illegal immigrants from being hired, cracked down on the use of fake IDs, and enhanced penalties for human smuggling. These are common-sense measures that protect American citizens and uphold the rule of law. But Harris had the audacity to attack a provision that requires hospitals to report medical care costs provided to illegal immigrants. Apparently, transparency and accountability are too much to ask when it comes to spending taxpayer money on those who have no right to be here.

Then we have Texas, a state that has been on the front lines of the border crisis. Texas officials have gone above and beyond to save countless lives of illegal immigrants drowning in the Rio Grande. They have even lost their own lives in the process, showing their dedication to preserving life and preventing more deaths. However, the Biden administration has the audacity to sue Texas for its efforts and label them as “inhumane” and “un-American.” It’s as if they would rather see more people drown as long as no one dares to stop them from entering the country illegally. Their vision of compassion is twisted and callous.

But instead of welcoming Texas’ efforts to deter illegal crossings and steer immigrants towards legal ports of entry, where they can be properly processed, the Biden-Harris administration continues to be fanatically anti-enforcement and pro-illegal immigration. This has resulted in a staggering seven million illegal crossings in just over two years, with countless more escaping undetected. It’s a direct consequence of their failed policies and lack of commitment to enforcing our laws. And yet, they have the audacity to sue Texas and smear their actions as “un-American.” It’s a prime example of the backward priorities of this administration.

In conclusion, the Biden-Harris administration’s handling of the border crisis is a complete and utter failure, which should come as no surprise to anyone paying attention. They are more concerned with attacking those who enforce our laws and push for secure borders than actually addressing the crisis they have exacerbated. It’s time for real leadership and a conservative approach that prioritizes the rule of law and the safety of American citizens. Texas and Governor Abbott should be commended for their unwavering dedication to protecting lives and upholding the integrity of our borders.

Source: Townhall

Written by Staff Reports

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