Harvard Prof Blasts Garland’s ‘Illegal’ Shield for Biden!

Alan Dershowitz, a conservative lawyer, is not shy about criticizing Attorney General Garland. He claims that the nominee is intentionally manipulating the law to protect Joe Biden and Hunter Biden.

According to lawyer Alan Dershowitz, Judge Garland did not follow the proper procedure when he appointed David Weiss as the special counsel. Under 600.3c of the regulations, the appointment of the special counsel should be made outside the US government. This is a clear violation of law, and he has asked for an explanation from the judge.

According to Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz, special counsels should follow the regulations when it comes to investigating the president's son. He also believes that all aspects of the law should be respected in order to guarantee fairness and transparency.

The defenders of Judge Garland have argued that he did not violate the law, but Alan Dershowitz says that this argument is a stretch. He claims that an attorney general should follow the letter of the law and not cut corners. He also criticized the Democrats for failing to address the issue.

In his opinion, Alan Dershowitz believes that Congress has the power to ask Judge Garland to explain his decision not to follow the regulations. He said that the public should have the opportunity to hear his explanation. Despite his high regard for the judge, he was surprised by his decision not follow the regulations.

Alan Dershowitz suggests segregating the Justice Department. One of these would be a political entity that would function as a neutral prosecutor, while the other would be a political entity that would be able to be dismissed with the approval of Congress. He claims that this would lead to less need for a special counsel.

Based on his assessment, Alan Dershowitz finds Attorney General Garland's actions to protect the Bidens particularly alarming. He has called for greater accountability and transparency within the department.

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