Heartbroken Mother Blames Biden Administration for Daughter’s Murder by Illegal Migrant

A horrific crime has shaken the community of Harford County, Maryland, as 23-year-old Salvadoran illegal migrant Victor Antonio Martinez-Hernandez stands accused of the rape and murder of 37-year-old Rachel Morin. The heartbroken mother of the victim, Patty Morin, has come forward to express her outrage at what she perceives as the Biden administration’s callous response to her daughter’s death.

In a scathing interview with Fox News, Mrs. Morin criticized Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas for referring to her daughter simply as an “individual,” dehumanizing Rachel and reducing her to a mere statistic. The grieving mother lamented that the White House has not reached out to offer condolences or support in the wake of her daughter’s tragic murder, further fueling her sense of abandonment and neglect by the current administration.

Adding to the sense of injustice is the Morin family’s attorney, Randolph Rice, who condemned the Biden administration for its apparent detachment from the reality of the situation at the southern border. Rice emphasized the urgent need to address the crisis at the border, warning of the dire consequences if decisive action is not taken to stem the flow of illegal immigrants like Martinez-Hernandez, who have allegedly brought violence and tragedy into American communities.

In response to criticism over the handling of crimes committed by illegal aliens, Secretary Mayorkas sought to deflect blame, emphasizing that the criminal responsible for Rachel Morin’s murder must be held fully accountable. However, the grieving families of victims like Rachel Morin and Laken Riley, another young woman tragically killed by an illegal migrant, are left feeling that the Biden administration’s words offer little comfort in the face of their profound loss and preventable tragedies.

As the anguish and anger of these families reverberate across the nation, the failure of the Biden administration to acknowledge the human toll of illegal immigration and address the root causes of these senseless crimes is a stark reminder of the urgent need for stronger border security and immigration enforcement measures. The victims deserve justice, and their families deserve compassion and support in their time of grief, not platitudes and political posturing from Washington.

Written by Staff Reports

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