Hicks Testified! Trump Initially Thought Election Conspiracy Theory Was “Ridiculous”

Hope Hicks, a former White House communications director, testified that Donald Trump initially thought that the claims about foreign interference in the presidential election were crazy.

During the committee's investigation into the Jan. 6 riot, Hicks revealed that Trump was on the telephone with Sidney Powell, an attorney, when they discussed her client's claim that software developed by Venezuela's Hugo Chavez influenced the election.

After hearing about the claims, Trump said it sounded crazy. However, his campaign later released a statement saying that Powell was not a part of its legal team.

The committee's report stated that Powell's claims were similar to those made by Trump.

The committee's final report released on Wednesday details the investigation into Trump' actions following the 2020 presidential election. It also included testimonies from law enforcers and congressional staff members.

The committee's findings have been released, and photos and documents related to the investigation have been posted online.

The 814-page report states that Trump committed a multi-part conspiracy. It also provides details on four criminal charges that the president could face.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Washington Examiner.

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