Tucker Carlson Speaks On His 2024 Pick For President

Although Tucker Carlson has stated that he is not supporting a candidate for the 2020 presidential election, he is still considering all the options. He stated that he is grateful to have a president who is like Donald Trump. It is still not clear which candidate he will choose, though he might be keeping his eyes on the race in 2024.

Although Carlson has not yet endorsed a candidate for the presidential race in 2024, he noted that two potential candidates are Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis. Both of these individuals have made waves within the conservative community, and they could play a significant role in the upcoming election.

As the presidential race gets closer to 2024, it is important that Tucker Carlson has a clear stance on these individuals.

According to the Daily Caller, Tucker Carlson, the co-founder of the conservative news outlet, said on Saturday that he is not endorsing a candidate for president in 2024. He noted that Ron DeSantis and Donald Trump are both powerful forces.

During an event in Phoenix, Tucker Carlson was asked a question. He gave his response to the crowd.

Trump’s third attempt at running for president ended on November 15. Although DeSantis has not yet announced that he will seek the presidency, he is considered to be one of the leading candidates for the Republican Party’s nomination.

Despite the positive effects of Donald Trump, the American people have still been torn between him, and Desantis.

A survey conducted last month revealed that Donald Trump was leading Ron DeSantis, the Republican governor of Florida, by double digits.

A different survey conducted by POLITICO and Morning Consult revealed that Trump was leading with the support of independents and Republicans. He had 47%, while DeSantis was at 33%. Mike Pence was in third place with 5%.

A total of 65 percent of Americans said they don’t think that Donald Trump should run for president once more. In a Morning Consult survey conducted in November, DeSantis had the support of 26% of respondents, while Trump had 48%.

Morning Consult’s data revealed that despite the disappointing results of the midterm elections, DeSantis was the preferred candidate of conservative voters who were disappointed with Trump. He also led Trump among likely Republican primary voters. DeSantis performed well among suburban conservatives, who are highly educated and wealthy.

In Iowa, Ron DeSantis has gained 11 points in the past month, and he now leads Donald Trump by 48% to 37%. This indicates that if he decides to seek the Republican Party nomination in 2024, he might be able to take advantage of this support. Trump had been leading in the state by over 50% last August.

A new poll conducted in New Hampshire revealed that Ron DeSantis has gained 15 points over Donald Trump in the past month. This shows that the momentum is in his favor in the state’s Republican primary. It also shows that Trump has lost eight points since the last survey, which showed them tied.

The support that New Hampshire Republicans have for DeSantis has been growing, which shows that they are beginning to believe that he is the candidate who can unify the party. It’s also possible that the support for other Republican candidates will continue to change as they enter the race.

The presidential race in the US has become a divisive issue, with two potential candidates having left the public divided. One of these is Donald Trump, who has been the subject of strong reactions due to his name. On the other hand, is Ron DeSantis, the governor of Florida. DeSantis brings a fresh perspective to the table and offers hope for change.

Although many Americans still have an open mind about who they’ll pick as the next president, they are becoming more concerned with the country’s direction. Both of the potential candidates have to make their case to the voters in order to bring back prosperity and stability to the country.

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