Hidden Shockers in Obama’s Take on Israel-Hamas Conflict!

Former President Barack Obama recently shared his thoughts on the Israel-Hamas war, and let’s just say it’s a real doozy. Obama starts off by voicing his support for Israel’s right to exist and the safety of its people, which is a big no-no in the eyes of the far-left, pro-Hamas crowd. These folks aren’t interested in a peaceful two-state solution; they want Israel wiped off the map.

But that’s not all, folks. Obama goes on to insinuate that Israeli forces might commit war crimes with their upcoming ground invasion of Gaza. Seriously? Can this guy be any more out of touch? Israel has every right to defend itself against these genocidal terrorists. And let’s not forget that Hamas intentionally builds its terror tunnels under civilian structures. The people of Gaza have given their blessing to these acts of terrorism time and time again.

It’s clear that Obama is playing right into the hands of Hamas. By emphasizing the importance of minimizing civilian casualties, he’s essentially giving Hamas a free pass to continue their reign of terror. This is not the time for fair and balanced thinking. Any measure that prevents the eradication of Hamas is a pro-terrorist position.

And to top it all off, Obama includes a reading list at the end of his post, including an article by his Iran Deal lackey, Ben Rhodes. Really? We’re supposed to take advice from the guy who orchestrated one of the worst deals in history? Thanks, but no thanks.

It’s no wonder that Netanyahu never trusted this guy. Obama’s comments only serve to undermine Israel’s right to defend itself and play into the hands of the terrorists. It’s time to stand with Israel and show the world that we won’t tolerate their nonsense.

Written by Staff Reports

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