Hillary’s Latest Delusion: “Illegitimate” Supreme Court Exposed!

Hillary Clinton, the woman who never seems to accept reality, has once again shown us just how delusional she truly is. Despite her loss in the 2016 election, she continues to believe that the reason for her defeat was Russian interference. It’s almost comical how she clings to this debunked conspiracy theory.

But now, she has taken her delusions to a new level by approving the claim that the Supreme Court is “illegitimate.” This baseless accusation comes from an article written by one of her loyal followers, Molly Jong-Fast, who has a habit of being consistently wrong.

Jong-Fast, like many other leftists, argues that the Supreme Court is “rogue” because three of the Justices were appointed by Trump. But she fails to provide any evidence to support her claim. Instead, she relies on empty rhetoric and false accusations, knowing that her followers won’t bother fact-checking her nonsense.

One example of Jong-Fast’s misleading claims is her attack on Justice Neil Gorsuch. She suggests that he was involved in a scandal over the sale of a property to a powerful law firm. However, the truth is that Gorsuch had only a 20 percent stake in the property and didn’t know who bought it. But why let facts get in the way of a good smear campaign?

Of course, Jong-Fast conveniently forgets to mention the ethical concerns surrounding Justice Sonia Sotomayor, who failed to recuse herself from cases involving a publisher that paid her millions for her memoir. Apparently, conflicts of interest only matter when they don’t support the left’s narrative.

But the most outrageous suggestion in Jong-Fast’s article is the idea that Congress can defund or “cancel” an entire term of the Supreme Court. This is nothing short of a power grab and resembles the actions of a third-world dictatorship, not a democracy.

It’s clear that Hillary Clinton approves of this nonsense, as she sees it as a way to keep her dream of being president alive. But the reality is that no amount of lies or baseless accusations will change the fact that the Supreme Court is legitimate and operates within the bounds of the Constitution.

Maybe it’s time for Hillary to finally accept that her time in the spotlight is over. She can continue to live in her alternate reality, but the rest of us will move forward without her.

Written by Staff Reports

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