House GOP Savior Ensures Military Pay Amid Government Shutdown!

Get ready to salute, because a Republican lawmaker is making moves to protect the paychecks of our hardworking military troops. Rep. Jen Kiggans (R-VA) has introduced the Pay Our Troops Act, a bill that would ensure military members still get paid even if there’s a pesky government shutdown looming. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this kind of legislation. Back in 2013, lawmakers passed a similar bill to make sure our Armed Forces got their money during a government shutdown.

Kiggans, a former Navy helicopter pilot, stressed the importance of this bill. She knows firsthand the sacrifices our troops make and the financial struggles they face. She said, “They’re already struggling financially with what’s been going on in the economy, and the last thing they need to worry about is if they’re going to get a paycheck or not.” Amen to that! Our troops deserve to be compensated for their service without having to worry about partisan politics getting in the way.

The Pay Our Troops Act would not only cover military members but also include Coast Guard personnel, DOD civilian employees, and contractors who are essential to the mission readiness of our Armed Forces. Kiggans filed the bill on Thursday and is now working hard to rally support from other lawmakers.

It’s not just about the military paychecks though. The government is also facing a looming shutdown due to disagreements over spending talks. House Republicans are scrambling to reach an agreement before the October 1 deadline. They’re exploring a new plan to advance single-subject appropriations bills, but this might not be enough to avoid a shutdown, especially with a Democratic-led Senate. The clock is ticking, and our lawmakers need to find a solution fast.

Written by Staff Reports

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