Huge Risk Alert: Feds Expose Hamas, Hezbollah Threats Invading Our Border!

A bulletin from the Intel arm of the Customs and Border Protection (CBP) has got some folks at the southern border feeling a little on edge. It seems that foreign fighters from Hamas and Hezbollah might be trying to sneak across our porous borders. Yikes! The CBP data shows that there were a whopping 2.48 million encounters in the past fiscal year, and at least 172 of those were people on the terror watch list. Imagine that, terrorists trying to waltz right into our great nation!

Fox News’ Peter Doocy had a sobering report, highlighting the fact that our border patrol is completely overwhelmed. With agents being taken away from their regular duties to deal with things like fentanyl smuggling and sex trafficking, we’ve got a major vulnerability. Those sneaky terrorists might just take advantage of the chaos and slip through undetected. Thanks a lot, Biden!


Speaking of Biden, while all this is going on, he’s just chilling at his fancy Rehoboth Beach House. Must be nice, huh? I guess he’s got more important things to do than protect our border from potential threats. Oh, and did you know he’s having some kind of ‘Bidenomics’ event today? Yeah, because that’s what we really need to be focused on right now.

But seriously, folks, the situation is no joke. With the ongoing conflict in Israel and tensions rising all over the world, we need to be on high alert. Hamas still has some Americans hostage, and the Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, is warning us about a potential escalation with Iran. Our military is even positioning more forces in the eastern Mediterranean. It’s getting real, folks. Our troops are on “ready to deploy” status. Let’s hope they’re ready to keep us safe.

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