Hunter Biden Dines with Elites Amid Subpoena Drama

Hunter Biden, the controversial first son, was spotted in public with a smile on his face and seemingly in good spirits. This comes after he finally agreed to give a deposition before several House committees, a whopping two months after he initially defied a similar subpoena. It’s no surprise that Hunter had dinner at a fancy restaurant in Santa Monica, California, surrounded by the liberal elites. Joining him were his stepmother, Jill Biden, his wife Melissa Cohn, and his toddler son Beau. Oh, and let’s not forget about Jeffrey Katzenberg, a major Democrat donor, who was also present. It’s always heartwarming to see the wealthy and well-connected sticking together.

Speaking of Katzenberg, he took to MSNBC earlier in the day to boast about Joe Biden’s fundraising success. Despite the president’s abysmal poll numbers, apparently, he’s “kicking butt” in terms of raising money. Well, isn’t that just dandy? It seems like the wealthy liberal elites are more than happy to open their wallets for Joe Biden’s failing presidency.

Now, where was Joe Biden during all this? While his son was wining and dining with the elites, the president was busy speaking at a campaign event in North Carolina. One can’t help but wonder who will be there to guide him off the stage without his ever-present wife by his side. It’s clear that Jill Biden was too busy attending a fundraiser in northern California wine country, rubbing shoulders with her wealthy friends like Katzenberg. Maybe Joe Biden can take some fundraising lessons from his wife since he’s clearly lacking in the popularity department. It’s no wonder they’re trying to divide and conquer to salvage Joe’s campaign.

As for Hunter Biden’s strategy in avoiding the subpoena, it’s anyone’s guess. Perhaps he thought he could buy some time and let his father breeze through the Democrat primary votes. Or maybe he underestimated the Republicans’ determination to hold him accountable and didn’t think they had “the guts” to hold him in contempt. Either way, it seems like he made a last-minute decision to save face and avoid more legal trouble. But let’s not forget Hunter’s questionable past, the laptop at the Delaware computer store, and his alleged involvement in the family’s dubious schemes. Who knows what’s really going on in the Biden family? They’re a lot more complex than they let on.

So, was the dinner at Giorgio Baldi a genuine moment of happiness for Hunter Biden, an escape from his current predicament, or just another act in his never-ending drama? Who can say for sure? But one thing’s for certain, the Biden family knows how to put on a show. And with the Democrats’ poll numbers sinking, they’re going to need all the acting skills they can muster.

Written by Staff Reports

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