Hunter Biden Opts Out of Testifying as Gun Trial Nears End

President Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, has chosen not to testify in his federal gun trial on Monday. The defense team made this decision one week after the trial began, bringing the case closer to the jury’s decision. 

Prosecutors called FBI agent Erica Jensen as a rebuttal witness to testify about text messages from Hunter Biden mentioning drug purchases in 2018.
The defense argued that the text messages do not prove Hunter Biden bought drugs or went to the 7-Eleven mentioned in the messages. They also raised doubts about the existence of the individual referred to as “Mookie.” Closing arguments were scheduled to begin in the afternoon on Monday.

In contrast, the prosecution rested its case after three days and 10 witnesses, including three of Hunter Biden’s former romantic partners. The charges against Hunter Biden include lying about his drug use on a gun purchase form and illegal possession of a gun as a drug user, with a potential sentence of 25 years in prison if convicted.

Before the trial adjourned on Friday, Hunter Biden’s defense team mentioned the possibility of him testifying, but ultimately decided against it. Instead, they called three witnesses, including Hunter Biden’s daughter and employees from the store where he purchased the firearm. The defense originally planned to call James Biden, President Biden’s brother but ultimately scrapped the plan.

Although Hunter Biden did not testify, the jury has already been exposed to his firsthand accounts of addiction struggles through audio excerpts from his memoir and displayed text messages discussing drug purchases. The trial is expected to continue with closing arguments and jury deliberations.

The conservative perspective focuses on Hunter Biden’s decision not to testify and the arguments made by his defense team regarding the evidence presented by the prosecution. The article aims to present a balanced view of the trial while highlighting the conservative viewpoint on the proceedings.

Written by Staff Reports

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