Hunter Biden Probed: Garland’s Sham Special Counsel Power Play Exposed

Friday’s announcement of the appointment of a Special Counsel in the Hunter Biden investigation may seem like good news, but let’s not forget the bigger picture here. The timing couldn’t be worse, and the choice of the existing US Attorney assigned to the case raises serious concerns about credibility. It turns out that the IRS whistleblowers testified that the investigation led by David Weiss was hindered and obstructed from within, particularly when it came to evidence trails that could implicate Joe Biden. This contradicts the official story from Merrick Garland and Weiss themselves. So why give Weiss more power now, especially after the debacle of Hunter Biden’s plea deal falling apart in court?

The Weiss investigation has been accused of ignoring significant evidence against Hunter Biden and the Biden family. Instead, it produced a plea agreement that greatly undercharged the president’s son and ultimately collapsed under questioning from the judge. And how does Attorney General Garland respond? By giving more power to the very person responsible for this questionable probe. It’s a move that reeks of corruption and raises even more doubts about the integrity of this case. As conservative commentator Erick Erickson rightly points out, the House GOP has uncovered evidence of millions of dollars in shady overseas transactions flowing into various Biden bank accounts. This investigation needs to dig deeper into these allegations.

Even Andy McCarthy, a former federal prosecutor, argues that Weiss is not even eligible to be a special counsel under the regulations. The whole point of having a special counsel is to bring an independent prosecutor from outside the government, not just outside the Justice Department. Yet, Weiss, who has been protecting the Bidens all along, has now been given this role. It’s clear that the Biden Justice Department wants to maintain control over the investigation, rather than seeking an unbiased prosecutor. The conflicts of interest here are glaring, especially when the president’s own department is investigating his son for potentially impeachable conduct.

Furthermore, McCarthy highlights even more damning revelations about the Weiss investigation, including tipping off Hunter’s lawyers to upcoming searches. McCarthy concludes that Weiss has been selected as a special counsel precisely to continue protecting the Bidens from any real scrutiny. This move by Garland is simply a political play to give the appearance of independence while maintaining the corrupt status quo. It’s an attempt to freeze the investigation and deflect attention away from the serious allegations against the Bidens. And sadly, many in the press will eagerly play along, allowing the White House to avoid addressing this scandal directly.

Let’s not forget the mounting evidence against Hunter Biden and the Biden family. There are messages explicitly mentioning a payout from a Chinese firm linked to the CCP, with Hunter using his father’s name to secure the money. And then there’s the matter of Hunter’s Ukrainian paymasters getting what they wanted through the firing of a prosecutor. Tony Bobulinski, a business associate, has come forward with detailed information about Joe Biden’s knowledge and involvement in the whole scheme. Yet Democrats and the mainstream media have failed to offer any substantive counterarguments or debunk a single claim made by these witnesses.

It’s clear that there are serious allegations of corruption and wrongdoing surrounding the Biden family, and the appointment of Weiss as a special counsel does nothing to address these concerns. If anything, it reinforces the perception that this investigation is a cover-up, rather than a genuine attempt to uncover the truth. The American people deserve answers, and it’s time for a truly independent and unbiased investigation into the Biden’s alleged misconduct.

Written by Staff Reports

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