Hunter Biden Threatens Legal Action Against Roger Stone and Wants an Apology for ‘Defamation’

According to reports, Hunter Biden threatened legal action against Roger Stone if he doesn't apologize for his comments about Biden.

Abbe Lowell, Biden's attorney, sent a cease and desist order to Stone after Stone made the controversial statements during his Stone Zone podcast. According to the report, Lowell claims that Stone's statements could amount to defamation.

During the podcast, Stone discussed the contents of Biden's laptop, which he claimed was left at a Delaware computer shop in April 2019. Stone's comments surround the contents of the device.

According to Garrett Zigel, an operator of, Biden used an inter-state train to transport women to New York and Boston in December 2018. He reportedly had around 19 to 24 passengers, who were mostly women, cross-state for sex.

The letter from Biden's attorney states that Stone had violated both Delaware and federal laws by hosting a discussion about Biden's private information with Garrett Ziegler.

In the letter, Biden's attorney stated that they are trying to avoid legal action by giving Stone an opportunity to make a statement to address the issues that he has caused the former US vice president. He demanded that Stone return the data that he claimed was stolen from Biden's laptop, as well as apologize to Biden.

Even if Lowell didn't respond to Stone, it didn't take long for him to respond.

Stone noted that the two cease and desist letters that Biden's lawyers sent him were both very strange.

According to Stone, he has all the details about Biden's laptop that he has uncovered, including its contents that are public domain. He stated that he would not be threatened to keep quiet about what he has learned about the former US vice president.

In response to the allegations surrounding his laptop, Biden filed a lawsuit against the computer repairman who was responsible for its maintenance. The suit, which was filed against John Paul Mac Isaac, claims that he was not authorized to access and distribute Biden's private information.

This action is in response to a defamation lawsuit that was filed against Biden in October 2019. It is Biden's attempt to put a stop to the individuals who were able to access the information that he left on his laptop, which became a major issue before the 2020 presidential election.

In his lawsuit, Biden has asked for six counts to be brought against Isaac and the other individuals who were involved in the sharing of his private information. These include invasion of privacy, conspiracy, and aiding and abetting the publication of private information.

In response, the countersuit has pointed out that Delaware law provides that abandoned properties can't be considered the property of another person until they have been given a year. It also states that courts must be involved in the ownership process to ensure that the proper owners are identified.

Data on Biden's laptop was found to be authentic, according to a cyber forensics expert who was hired by the Washington Examiner. He said that the computer belonged to Hunter Biden.

The preceding article is a summary of an article that originally appeared on Washington Examiner

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