Hunter Biden’s Latest Move: Turning Justice Department Against Tony Bobulinski!

Tony Bobulinski, remember him? He was the guy making all those noise about the Biden family’s shady business dealings back in 2020. Well, it seems like Hunter Biden hasn’t forgotten about him either, because now he’s pushing the Justice Department to investigate Bobulinski for allegedly lying to federal investigators. Talk about turning the tables!

The Bidens are accusing Bobulinski of intentionally misrepresenting his relationship with the family in order to tarnish their reputation. They claim that Bobulinski’s accusations were nothing more than an ego boost for himself. But let’s face it, when it comes to family dramas, the truth can be hard to find. This is just another chapter in the ongoing saga surrounding the Bidens and their questionable business ventures.

Bobulinski, who describes himself as a retired Naval officer and global businessman, came forward in 2020 with claims that the Bidens had lied about Joe Biden’s involvement in his son’s overseas business deals. This was a claim that was eagerly promoted by former President Trump and his supporters. Now, Hunter Biden’s lawyers are saying that Bobulinski lied to investigators about his contacts with the family and the potential benefits Joe Biden could have gained from these business ventures. It’s like a game of he said, she said.

This criminal referral against Bobulinski conveniently comes at a time when the House Oversight Committee is conducting an impeachment inquiry into President Biden. Is this all just a way to discredit Bobulinski and protect the Bidens? Only time will tell. But one thing’s for sure, this whole situation adds yet another layer of complexity to the ongoing drama surrounding the president and his family. It’s like a never-ending soap opera, and we can’t wait to see what happens next.

Written by Staff Reports

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