Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Cry Foul, Demand Gun Charge Drop!

In a stunning court filing, Hunter Biden’s legal team is making waves by claiming that the federal gun charges against him should be dismissed. They allege that the special counsel appointed by the Biden administration to pursue these charges is simply doing the bidding of former President Donald Trump and his allies, in a blatant act of political warfare.

The charge in question stems from an accusation that Hunter Biden lied about his drug use when purchasing a gun back in October of 2018. Although he originally pleaded not guilty, the situation took a dramatic turn when a plea deal, involving tax charges against him, fell through last summer. U.S. Attorney David Weiss, who was leading the initial investigation, was then designated as a special counsel and brought forth new indictments against Hunter Biden in December.

According to Hunter Biden’s attorneys, these proceedings are nothing more than a political vendetta orchestrated by Trump and his supporters. They argue that the charges are a direct result of pressure from the former President and his allies, and have even gone as far as to claim that Hunter Biden was unfairly targeted because his father is a sitting Democratic President seeking re-election.

The legal team has further asserted that the decision to pursue these charges is a clear violation of non-prosecution agreements and Department of Justice regulations. They have adamantly called for the restoration of a rejected plea deal and are claiming that the prosecution has been both selective and vindictive in their approach.

However, in response to these claims, a document filed by Weiss’s office pointed out that no charges were brought against Hunter Biden during the prior administration, presenting a stark contradiction to the narrative being painted by his legal team.

These explosive developments have created a firestorm of controversy, with political implications echoing far and wide. It’s a classic case of the tale as old as time – political warfare at its finest.


Written by Staff Reports

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