Dem Rep Cori Bush’s Legal Nightmare: Two More Entities Enter Investigation

Cori Bush, the radical member of the progressive “squad” in the House of Representatives, is finding herself in hot water as she becomes the target of multiple investigations. According to The Western Journal, the Department of Justice has launched a criminal probe into Bush, focusing on alleged illegal spending by her campaign on security services. In addition to the DOJ investigation, Bush is also facing scrutiny from the Federal Election Commission and the House Ethics Committee.

Bush released a statement to Axios, confirming the investigations and claiming that she is fully cooperating. She asserts that her campaign only used campaign funds for permissible security services and that her husband, Cortney Merritts, who she paid $62,000 for security services in 2022, had “extensive experience” in personal security. Conveniently, she also points out that the Office of Congressional Ethics has already dismissed the case against her, giving her confidence that the current investigations will yield similar results.

But the allegations against Bush are rather alarming. It has been reported that she has spent over $750,000 of government funds on security in less than two full terms in Congress. This extravagant spending includes paying her husband over $60,000 for working on her re-election campaign, despite the fact that he does not possess a private security license. Bush also directed large sums of money to other security firms, further raising questions about the necessity and appropriateness of these expenses.

The timing of these investigations is particularly unfortunate for Bush, as she is already facing a well-funded primary challenge from local prosecutor Wesley Bell. With the specter of corrupt spending hanging over her head, it remains to be seen whether Bush can successfully navigate these investigations and hold onto her seat in Congress.

Written by Staff Reports

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