Biden’s Desperate Pandering as Ohio Slips Away to Trump

It’s as clear as day that election time is approaching when Joe Biden starts scrambling to address the border crisis that he conveniently ignored for three whole years. But wait, don’t expect any actual solutions from ol’ Sleepy Joe. He’s quick to point fingers at the Republicans, as if they magically caused the problem overnight. Classic Biden move.

And what’s this? Biden suddenly realizes the importance of Ohio? It only took him realizing that he’s losing to former President Donald Trump in the polls there. Talk about a wake-up call. The latest RCP average had Trump ahead by a whopping 10 points! No wonder Biden is frantically trying to salvage his campaign.

Now, after all this time, Biden decides to make an announcement about visiting East Palestine, Ohio. It’s so convenient that it falls right around the one-year anniversary of a train derailment in the area. Suddenly, concerns about environmental damage and illnesses become urgent, but only when it’s politically beneficial for Biden. How predictable.

Of course, Fox’s Peter Doocy isn’t letting Biden off the hook. He’s been asking why Biden hasn’t visited Ohio all this time, even though he had no problem going on vacations to Delaware and St. Croix. The White House’s response? Going to Ohio was just “too much.” Too much for Biden to handle, apparently. But now that it’s an election year, suddenly he can make the effort. How convenient.

It’s clear that the residents of East Palestine aren’t falling for Biden’s last-minute pandering. They know a desperate campaign move when they see one. And can you blame them? Former President Donald Trump wasted no time in visiting the area, providing supplies like water within 20 days of the derailment. He didn’t wait until it was politically expedient for him.

American citizens aren’t fooled either. They can see through Biden’s transparent attempts to save face and win votes. This is just another example of his lack of leadership, his inability to take responsibility for his own actions, and his consistent prioritization of political gain over the needs of the American people.

In the end, Biden’s late efforts in Ohio are nothing more than a desperate attempt to salvage a failing campaign. But the residents won’t forget his neglect and they certainly won’t be swayed by his empty promises. Biden’s campaign is in dire need of more than just a last-minute visit – it needs a complete overhaul. Let’s hope voters see through his charades come election time.

Written by Staff Reports

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