Hunter Biden’s Legal Ploy: Desperate Bid to Dodge Gun Charges?

Poor Hunter Biden, oh dear. Living under his father's shadow, who has been in politics for what seems like a lifetime, must be difficult. From vice president to senator to county council member to US president, and now back to the presidency. What enormous shoes to fill!

To be honest, though, Hunter is mostly to blame for his issues. shirking his father's name, developing a bad drug habit, and, yes, abandoning laptops containing dubious material about. And those are only a handful of his errors!

Purchasing a firearm in 2018 and lying on a federal paperwork regarding his drug use were two of his worst mistakes. Federal prosecutors have now charged him with three gun-related offenses. But hold on, his attorneys are saying that the lawsuit ought to be dismissed due to political motivations? Give it a rest for us.

Really, Hunter ought to talk to Donald Trump about the politically motivated accusations. Of course, they may share a solace over a non-alcoholic beverage. However, Hunter's sob tale doesn't sit well with Professor Jonathan Turley, a rational voice in the legal community.

Turley thinks it absurd that Hunter is claiming he is only being accused because of his father's name. I completely concur. Although Hunter made money using the Biden brand, he now wants to project a tragic persona. Please, give me a rest!

Hunter's attorney even dared to draw comparisons between him and undocumented immigrants and youngsters in Japanese internment camps. Is that really true? Comparing individuals who actually experienced hardship and persecution with a guy who got millions off of dubious deals? It is demeaning.

Not to be overlooked is the media's application of a double standard in regards to Trump and Hunter. Hunter is given a free pass, but they will pursue Trump's children for anything and everything. It is repulsive.

This is when Hunter's attorneys truly falter in their narrative. They want us to feel sorry for a man who cheated on his brother's deathbed and amassed millions through dubious business dealings. And they claim that he is a sad person in history? Please.

When Turley asserts that this isn't a sad person but rather a man who consistently makes grave errors and won't accept responsibility for them, he really hits the nail on the head. Remember that this is a gun charge, the kind that Hunter's father advocated for stringent enforcement of.

Hunter, please stop letting us cry. It's time to take responsibility for your actions and act like a mature adult. At that point, perhaps you'll genuinely win over some people's pity.

Written by Staff Reports

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