Hunter Biden’s Mugshot Released: The Unseen Photo Revealed

The Justice Department’s decision to withhold Hunter Biden’s mugshot is only adding fuel to the fire of President Trump’s claims that the Department of Justice has become a tool for the Democrats. While Trump’s mugshot was promptly released following his indictment in Georgia, Hunter’s mugshot has been conveniently kept under wraps. This double standard is not surprising considering the ongoing bias we have seen from the justice system when it comes to President Biden and his family.

Hunter’s mugshot was taken when he appeared in court for a plea deal that ultimately fell through. His lawyer, Abbe Lowell, mentioned the mugshot in a letter requesting Hunter be allowed to appear at his upcoming arraignment over video. However, this request was denied, leaving many to question why the mugshot is being hidden from the public’s view.

The Department of Justice spokesperson, Kim Reeves, cited federal policy as the reason for not releasing the mugshot. Reeves stated that it is prohibited to provide photographs of defendants prosecuted in federal court. Similarly, a spokesperson for the U.S. Marshalls Service mentioned a longstanding policy not to release mugshots of federal defendants.

This blatant double standard is just another example of the biased treatment that Trump and his allies have faced. Trump has been indicted multiple times by prosecutors aligned with the Democrats, while Hunter’s sweetheart deal would have spared him jail time and given him immunity from future charges. Trump and Republicans have dismissed the charges against Hunter as a distraction from the more serious wrongdoing involving the Biden family’s business deals.

To further add to the questionable treatment, Special Counsel David Weiss denied Lowell’s request for Hunter to appear at his arraignment over video, insisting that he must appear in person. Weiss even attempted to compare Hunter’s situation to Trump’s, but the public is not convinced. Unless Hunter’s mugshot is released, doubts will continue to linger about the fairness and impartiality of our justice system. It is clear that no one is above the law, except for those with the right political connections.

Written by Staff Reports

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