Hunter Biden’s Plea Deal Implodes; DOJ Sets Sights on Trial & Corruption Exposed

Hunter Biden’s legal woes continue to mount as his sweetheart plea deal crumbles before his eyes. The Department of Justice has officially withdrawn the plea deal and announced that Hunter will now face trial. It’s about time that this entitled liberal elite faces the consequences of his actions.

Previously, Hunter had agreed to plead guilty to a measly two misdemeanor tax charges and participation in a diversion program for illegal possession of a firearm. But conveniently missing from these charges were any violations of the Foreign Agent Registration Act, despite Hunter’s suspicious dealings with foreign companies and governments that netted him millions of dollars. It’s almost as if the liberal establishment is protecting their own.

Unfortunately for Hunter, his attempt to renegotiate the deal after the immunity clause was exposed didn’t work out in his favor. It seems that the justice system is finally catching up to the special treatment he’s been receiving. No longer will he be allowed to evade responsibility like so many of his privileged friends. The trial will give the American people a chance to see the truth unfold.

In a surprising move, Attorney General Merrick Garland has appointed U.S. Attorney David Wise, the same man who handled the plea agreement, as the Special Counsel for further criminal investigation. One has to wonder what skeletons are lurking in Hunter’s closet that require such a thorough investigation. The swamp runs deep, and it’s clear that the Biden family is knee-deep in corruption.

While Hunter waits for his day in court, he must adhere to a set of conditions set forth by Judge Noreika. These include obeying all laws, seeking employment, notifying the court of any changes in residence or contact information, and appearing in court as required. It’s about time Hunter faces some accountability in his life, and these conditions are just the beginning.

It’s refreshing to see that the Department of Justice is finally treating Hunter Biden like any other defendant. No more special treatment, no more backroom deals. He must now face the consequences of his actions in a court of law. Let justice be served, and let this be a reminder that no one is above the law, not even the son of the President.

Written by Staff Reports

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