Hunter Biden’s Prosecutor Hits Peculiar Snags, Liberals Shuffle

Former U.S. Attorney Scott Brady recently opened up about his experience investigating public information regarding Hunter Biden’s involvement in Ukraine in 2020. Brady found the Department of Justice’s process to be “very unusual” and heavily bureaucratic. As a former appointee of President Donald Trump, Brady’s testimony has sparked interest amongst House Republicans who are currently leading an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. They are looking into whether the DOJ gave Hunter Biden special treatment during their investigation.

Brady explained that he faced numerous obstacles and delays throughout the investigation. He often encountered elaborate approval processes and experienced lengthy pauses in work. Although he understood the sensitivity of the material involving Joe Biden and his son, Brady stated that he had never witnessed such issues before, even in other high-profile cases.

Specifically, Brady mentioned difficulties in communicating with the Delaware office and FBI headquarters. He described the communication as “constricted” at times, forcing his office to resort to written questions and answers. He also highlighted the painstaking process of seeking approval from 17 different people for a mere work extension. Brady called this level of bureaucracy and approval unprecedented in his career.

Moreover, Brady revealed that he was never informed about the FBI’s possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop, which was obtained in late 2019. He expressed surprise at this revelation and believed it should have been shared with him during his investigation. Despite these challenges, Brady emphasized that he still expected engagement and communication from Weiss’s office for efficiency purposes.

Brady’s testimony adds fuel to the ongoing controversy surrounding the Biden family. Republicans are determined to uncover any potential wrongdoing by Joe Biden and his son, while Democrats dismiss these allegations as politically motivated and lacking substantial evidence. The Republican-led impeachment inquiry puts the Biden administration on the defensive, raising questions about the transparency and integrity of the previous investigation into Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine.

In the midst of these political tensions, it is crucial to acknowledge that Brady’s testimony represents one perspective and may be subject to partisan interpretation. Nonetheless, it reinforces the need for thorough investigations and transparent processes to maintain public trust and confidence in the justice system.

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