ICE Official Defends Shocking Meeting with Anti-Border Immigration Activist: Biden Administration’s Dangerous Agenda Exposed!

In a move that has conservatives scratching their heads, a high-ranking official in the Biden administration’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency defended a meeting with an anti-border immigration activist. It seems that the left just can’t resist cozying up to those who want to abolish our borders.

ICE Chief of Staff Michael Lumpkin met with Setareh Ghandehari, an advocacy director of Detention Watch Network, who proudly sports the hashtag “AbolishBorders” in her bio. And what did they discuss? Ghandehari’s organization’s demands for a world without ICE detention. Can you believe it?

ICE Deputy Director Patrick Lechleitner, not to be outdone in his support for open borders, defended Lumpkin’s meeting with Ghandehari during a press conference. According to Lechleitner, it’s imperative to hear from both sides of the aisle. Well, I beg to differ. Meeting with radical immigration advocacy groups is not only counterproductive, but it also undermines ICE’s very mission.

But Lechleitner doesn’t seem to see the problem. He actually said that it’s “absolutely not” counterintuitive for Lumpkin to meet with someone like Ghandehari. Excuse me? Isn’t ICE supposed to enforce immigration laws and protect our borders? Last time I checked, that didn’t involve cozying up to those who want to tear down the system.

Lechleitner went on to defend the meeting, claiming that it’s important to understand the dialogue and communicate with folks who have extreme views. Extreme views? Is that what we call advocating for the abolition of our borders now? It’s ludicrous!

It’s no surprise that the Biden administration has taken various measures to weaken ICE’s enforcement abilities. They’ve been curbing illegal migrant apprehensions and deportations, while thousands of detention beds sit empty. And what’s the result? Illegal immigration is skyrocketing under their watch. Migrant apprehensions at the southern border have surpassed 2 million in fiscal year 2023!

So, while ICE is supposed to be protecting our country and upholding the law, the Biden administration is busy cozying up to radical activists who want to do away with our borders altogether. It’s a slap in the face to the hardworking men and women of ICE who are out there every day trying to keep our country safe.

But hey, at least the Biden administration is showing their true colors and making it clear where they stand on the issue of immigration. It’s no wonder we’re witnessing such chaos and illegal crossings at the border. It’s time to put America first and prioritize the safety and security of our citizens. We need strong border policies, not meetings with those who want to dismantle our immigration system.

Written by Staff Reports

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