IDF Exposes Hamas Using UN Facilities for Terror Attacks in Gaza

The Israeli Defense Forces shared new video footage on Tuesday showing Hamas terrorists using a United Nations Works and Relief Agency warehouse and UN vehicles to carry out attacks in the Gaza Strip. This news comes after the IDF identified terrorists operating openly at UNRWA’s central logistics compound in eastern Rafah and firing at civilians near the compound. Israel has called on the international community to investigate this troubling situation and hold the UN accountable for allowing its facilities to be used for terrorist activities.

It has been revealed that numerous UNRWA employees in the Gaza Strip have ties to terrorist groups, with at least 12 employees having connections to Hamas’s attack on Israel in October. Additionally, intelligence reports suggest that around 10% of UNRWA’s Gaza staff have ties to Islamist militant groups. The Wall Street Journal reported that some UNRWA workers were directly involved in the deadly assault on Israelis, including participating in the killing of civilians and coordinating logistics for the attack.

Furthermore, the IDF recently targeted a Hamas command center located under an UNRWA building. Israeli forces destroyed the command center, located in a complex run by UNRWA, after it was used by Hamas to stage multiple attacks against Israeli troops. The IDF and Shin Bet stated that Hamas intentionally placed the command-and-control position near an active UNRWA location, putting Gazan civilians at risk. Israel has accused UNRWA of collaborating with Hamas by employing active Hamas members and turning a blind eye to the terrorist group’s use of its facilities.

In response to these revelations, UNRWA has refused to heed Israel’s call for civilians to evacuate parts of the southern city of Rafah, where the agency has thousands of employees. The Israeli government and conservative analysts have criticized the agency for its failure to recognize and address the presence of terrorist groups within its ranks and its reluctance to prioritize the safety of civilians in the region.

This latest development underscores the importance of holding international organizations accountable for their actions and ensuring that facilities meant for humanitarian purposes are not exploited for terrorist activities. It also highlights the ongoing challenges faced by Israel in combating terrorism and protecting its citizens, as well as the complex relationships between international aid agencies and groups with nefarious agendas.

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