Illegal Alien Flips Off Reporters, Roams Free in Biden’s America

In a shocking turn of events, an illegal alien named Jhoan Boada, who is facing charges for brutally attacking multiple NYPD officers, boldly flipped off reporters after being released without bail on Wednesday. The audacity! It seems like illegal aliens can do whatever they want in Biden’s America.

Boada, a 22-year-old troublemaker, is now the fifth person to be charged in connection with the assault on the police officers. It’s a sad state of affairs when our law enforcement officers are being attacked by a gang of illegal aliens. This incident occurred in broad daylight in Midtown, and it’s clear that these thugs have no respect for our men and women in blue.

But wait, it gets worse! Two more suspects, Jandry Barros and Yohenry Brito, were arrested and charged later that evening. It’s like a never-ending circus of illegal activity. And guess what? All of these defendants were released without having to pay bail, except for one with multiple prior arrests. This is a prime example of how the justice system fails to hold illegal aliens accountable for their actions.

In a shocking revelation, it has been reported that three of the suspects may have already fled the city on a bus bound for California. That’s right, folks, they just hopped on a bus and waved goodbye to the consequences of their criminal behavior. It’s like a bad movie, except it’s happening right here in our own backyard.

This case has ignited a firestorm of outrage, and even Governor Kathy Hochul, known for her sanctuary state policies, is demanding deportations. Finally, someone in power is speaking up against these violent thugs and drug cartels that roam freely in Biden’s America. But will anything actually be done to bring them to justice? Only time will tell.

U.S. Rep. Matt Rosendale, who isn’t afraid to speak his mind, has called for the immediate deportation of each and every one of these criminals. It’s refreshing to see a politician who actually cares about the safety of American citizens. And he’s not alone in his criticism. Even Elon Musk, the owner of X (formerly known as Tesla), has chimed in, calling the situation “outrageous.”

Meanwhile, some voices of reason have pointed out the double standards in our justice system. A J6er, who merely shoved a DC cop, was sentenced to 78 months in prison, while these illegal alien attackers roam free. It’s clear that there’s a blatant disparity when it comes to the treatment of illegal aliens versus law-abiding citizens. When will our leaders wake up and prioritize the safety of American citizens?

It’s time to put an end to this madness. Illegal aliens who commit violent crimes against law enforcement officers should be held accountable and face swift deportation. Our communities deserve better, and it’s time to take a stand against the lawlessness that is plaguing our country. The time for action is now!

Written by Staff Reports

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