DeSantis Sends Troops to Texas, Defends US Border Like Biden Won’t

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced a bold move on Thursday, as he dispatched members of the Florida National Guard and the Florida State Guard to Texas to help fortify the southern border. This marks the first time that the Florida State Guard members have been deployed out of state, showcasing DeSantis’ commitment to addressing the crisis at the border.

DeSantis didn’t mince words when he called out President Joe Biden for his lack of action in securing the border. He emphasized that Biden has the authority to close the border but lacks the will and capacity to do so. DeSantis made it clear that his goal is to help Texas strengthen its border defenses and put a stop to the ongoing invasion. He stressed the importance of defending the rule of law and the sovereignty of the United States, pointing out that without a secure border, the country is not truly sovereign.

The Florida governor highlighted the dire consequences of unchecked illegal immigration, including the influx of drugs, crime, and strain on essential services such as hospitals and education. He firmly stated that the United States cannot absorb the sheer number of illegal immigrants entering the country and emphasized the need to address this critical issue.

DeSantis’s decision to send troops to aid Texas has garnered support from other conservative leaders, including South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, who also expressed her willingness to assist Texas in combating the Mexican drug cartels that pose a threat to the nation. Furthermore, the move has received overwhelming approval, with 100% of respondents in a poll expressing their support for DeSantis’s initiative to reinforce the southern border.

The bold stance taken by DeSantis and his unwavering commitment to upholding the rule of law and protecting the nation’s sovereignty have resonated with many Americans who share his concerns about the impact of uncontrolled illegal immigration. This decisive move to assist Texas in securing the border underscores DeSantis’ leadership and dedication to addressing one of the most pressing issues facing the country today.

Written by Staff Reports

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