Illinois Dems Push Cali Car Rules, Truckers Rev Engines in Protest!

The liberal left is at it again, folks! Illinois state legislator State Rep. Edgar Gonzalez, Jr., D-Chicago, is trying to force California’s vehicle emissions standards on good ol’ Illinois. Can you believe it? The nerve of these politicians! What’s next, mandatory kale consumption? It’s lunacy, I tell ya!

This Gonzalez character has introduced House Bill 1634, which would have Illinois follow California’s lead when it comes to vehicle emissions standards. But hold on to your hats, because this bill has quite the divide. With nearly 3,800 opponents and only about 540 proponents, it’s clear that the good people of Illinois are not on board with this eco-friendly nonsense.

And who would be hit the hardest by this egregious proposal? None other than the hardworking folks in the trucking industry. Illinois Trucking Association Executive Director Matt Hart is not having any of it. He pointed out that the Illinois trucking industry is responsible for delivering 95% of the manufactured freight in the state. That’s right, 95%!

Hart warned that if this bill becomes law, the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association and the California Trucking Association are ready to swoop in with lawsuits. And can you blame them? They can’t have some far-off state agency dictating their operations. It’s downright un-American!

But get this – the cherry on top of this whole debacle is the push for electric trucks. Hart revealed the harsh truth that there are basically zero electric trucks available, and the few that are out there cost a whopping $480,000 each. Meanwhile, a diesel-powered truck comes in at a much more reasonable $200,000. Not to mention the eye-watering $112,000 price tag for the chargers. Who in their right mind would think this is practical?

Hart also pointed out that forcing electric trucks onto the roads would result in heavier traffic and a 34% increase in trucks clogging up the streets. Can you imagine the chaos? It’s an environmentalist’s pipe dream and a hardworking American’s nightmare.

It’s clear that this proposal is nothing short of a disaster waiting to happen. Let’s hope the lawmakers see reason and put an end to this absurdity.

Written by Staff Reports

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