Illinois Exposed: Docu Comedy Skewers State’s Corrupt Pols!

Political corruption in Illinois takes the spotlight in a new documentary, “Lincoln is Crying: The Grifters, Grafters and Governors of Illinois,” set to release this month. Director John Davies aims to shed light on the comically outrageous instances of corruption that have plagued Illinois politicians.

Davies, the creative mastermind behind the film, highlighted the absurdity of Illinois political corruption and emphasized that using humor was crucial in tackling this bitter pill. He emphasized the hilarity in the thievery of these politicians, making their ridiculous antics the center of attention.

The documentary delves into the scandals involving former Illinois Governors Otto Kerner, Dan Walker, George Ryan, and Rod Blagojevich, along with the corrupt Chicago aldermen and numerous other dishonest office holders across the state. The sinister tale of Illinois’ corruption is narrated by a diverse group consisting of journalists, authors, entertainers, prosecutors, defense attorneys, and politicians.

Davies points out the sheer disgrace of Illinois being the most corrupt state in the country, attributing this notoriety to the staggering number of governmental bodies in the state. With over 7,000 governmental entities in Illinois, Davies highlights the abundance of opportunities for corrupt officials to rob the public coffers blind.

The documentary is set to debut on Roku and Smart TVs on Feb. 14, with Davies expressing hope for its eventual broadcast on PBS. Get ready for an eye-opening and entertaining ride through the outrageous world of Illinois politics in “Lincoln is Crying: The Grifters, Grafters and Governors of Illinois.”

Written by Staff Reports

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