Impeachment Looms: NM Republicans Make Bold Move Against Governor!

In a recent announcement, Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham of New Mexico, a Democrat, implemented a gun ban in Albuquerque and Bernalillo County that was later deemed unconstitutional. State Reps. John Block and Stefani Lord, both Republicans, wasted no time in calling for the governor’s impeachment. They have now released a certificate form for state lawmakers to sign, urging the legislature to convene an extraordinary session for the purpose of impeaching Grisham.

Lord emphasized that the U.S. Constitution is absolute and is meant to protect the people’s rights from tyrannical decisions such as the one made by Governor Lujan. This audacious order clearly violated the Constitution, and it’s proper that action is being taken to hold the governor accountable. A website called has also been created, allowing people to sign a petition calling for Grisham’s resignation and offering financial support.

Even though Democrats currently control the governorship and both chambers of the state legislature in New Mexico, Grisham’s order was so unconstitutional and unpopular that she failed to garner support even from key Democrats, including the mayor of Albuquerque, the Bernalillo County sheriff, and the state attorney general. This lack of support shows that Grisham’s actions were not only unlawful but also widely criticized.

State Rep. Block pointed out the dangers of allowing Grisham’s actions to go unpunished, stating that her despotic actions violated her oath and put every New Mexican at risk. He emphasized the importance of impeaching the governor to prevent other petty tyrants from trampling on Americans’ rights.

Grisham justified her gun ban as an “emergency public health order.” However, concerns have been raised that such orders could be used in the future for climate alarmism or other dubious reasons. It is clear that Grisham’s order was a gross abuse of power and a violation of the Constitution.

Interestingly, since Grisham was forced to amend her order, she has ceased discussing it on social media and instead has been posting about unrelated topics such as her trip to Taiwan and holiday greetings. This seems like an attempt to divert attention from her unconstitutional actions.

It is commendable that Reps. Block and Lord are holding Governor Grisham accountable and seeking her impeachment. This effort sends a strong message that the rights and freedoms of the people cannot be trampled upon by an overreaching government. It is crucial that we support these lawmakers in their fight against tyranny and the erosion of our constitutional rights.

Written by Staff Reports

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