Iran Exploits Protests as Biden Admin Continues Weak Stance

Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines warned of Iran’s escalating foreign influence efforts, pointing out their opportunistic behavior in exploiting ongoing protests related to the conflict in Gaza. With the Biden administration following in Obama’s footsteps of coddling the Iranian regime, it’s no surprise that Iran sees a green light to push their agenda.

Iran, emboldened by the administration’s weakness towards them, is strategically playing its cards by infiltrating protests and potentially providing financial support to further their interests. This type of meddling is a classic move straight from the rogue regime playbook, yet the outrage from the left and mainstream media is conspicuously absent compared to their reactions to other nations’ actions.

While the media may overlook Iran’s actions, the implications of their involvement in inciting unrest go beyond mere international affairs. Recent incidents like the upheaval at UCLA, where anti-Israel protests spiraled into chaotic scenes of intimidation and violence, raise serious questions about foreign influences at play. Could Iran be pulling the strings behind the scenes, fueling discord within America’s borders?

As the left turns a blind eye to the potential external manipulation of domestic affairs, it becomes increasingly crucial for Americans to remain vigilant against foreign actors seeking to sow discord and division. The disturbing events at UCLA serve as a stark reminder that the threat of foreign interference is not confined to distant lands but can manifest right in our own communities, eroding the fabric of our society.

Written by Staff Reports

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