IRS Targets Journalist: Biden’s War on Conservative Voices?

The IRS is at it again, targeting journalists who dare to speak out against government overreach. On March 9th, 2023, the same day reporter Matt Taibbi testified before Congress on the concerning influence of the federal government on technology companies, the IRS paid him an unexpected visit. Coincidence? We think not.

Taibbi, who had published a report on the FBI and intelligence community connections to tech platforms in the Twitter Files, was clearly targeted by the IRS. The agency initiated a case against him on Christmas Eve in 2022, assigned a new date to his case shortly after the publication of his report, and even conducted multiple searches of commercial records and personal information.

But why did the IRS really go after Taibbi? According to the House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan, it was politically motivated. In a letter to IRS Commissioner Daniel Werfel, Jordan expressed concern over the situation and demanded answers. He highlighted the fact that the IRS claimed to have sent letters to Taibbi regarding his 2018 tax return, yet neither he nor his accountant received these letters or any notification of an issue.

Shockingly, the IRS owed Taibbi a substantial refund, yet they still targeted him for investigation. This proves that the IRS is not only abusing their power but also incompetently targeting innocent journalists.

It’s worth noting that Joe Biden nominated Werfel as the Commissioner of Internal Revenue in November of 2022. Was this a politically motivated move to target conservative journalists? We cannot say for sure, but it becomes clearer every day that the Democrats will stop at nothing to silence conservative voices.

This is just another example of the deep-state political forces at work, using government agencies to attack their political opponents. It is high time that we hold the IRS accountable for their actions and put an end to this abuse of power. Let us hope that this discovery will lead to justice for Taibbi and other conservative journalists targeted by the IRS.

Written by Staff Reports

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