DOJ Shields Hunter Biden: Whistleblowers Expose Tax Evasion Cover-Up

Hunter Biden, the son of Vice President Joe Biden, is being investigated for tax evasion. His case has caused a stir among conservative supporters. It's believed that he used his position to acquire large sums of money from shady deals. David Weiss, the US attorney for Delaware, is reportedly close to deciding whether to indict him.

According to reports, the attorney's office did not have enough resources to thoroughly investigate the allegations regarding the IRS's targeting of certain groups. This situation reportedly became worse after the entire task force was dissolved earlier this month. It is believed that the move was retaliation for those who exposed the wrongdoings.

The Department of Justice, under the leadership of Joe Biden, is interfering with the investigation regarding Hunter's activities. This has become evident after two whistleblowers came forward and accused the agency of slowing down their investigations in an attempt to conceal the truth.

Whistleblower Gary Shapley claims that the investigation procedures followed by the Department of Justice were slow and deviated from the norm. He then decided to become a whistleblower. Unfortunately, he was not treated properly. He will be appearing before a congressional committee to discuss his concerns.

A whistleblower within the investigation of Hunter Biden was first revealed last month. His lawyer approached Congress to secure legal protection for the individual, who was being kept anonymous.

The situation became worse after the release of the Durham report, which revealed that the FBI gave the green light to a Russian investigation even though there was no evidence of collusion. The Biden administration used this opportunity to hinder the investigation and place a heavy burden on Hunter's indictment.

Senator Ted Cruz of Texas has called out the Department of Justice for interfering with the investigation. Although Attorney General Ken Garland has maintained that the investigation regarding Biden's case is not being hindered, recent whistleblowers have revealed that the individual is being given special treatment.

The Democratic Party has been accused of hiding the truth about Hunter Biden's case. It seems that they are protecting him at the expense of the law.

Source: Townhall

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