IRS Whistleblower Unmasks Bidens, Claims Shocking Witness Intimidation!

In a stunning turn of events, it seems that the Biden Department of Justice (DOJ) has once again set its sights on former President Trump. This time, the timing of the indictment conveniently coincides with troubling developments surrounding President Biden. It’s hard to ignore the glaring optics of the DOJ’s actions, which only serve to fuel the growing perception that the system is rigged in favor of one partisan tribe.

Lost amidst the frenzy over Trump is the testimony of a brave IRS whistleblower who revealed that their investigation into Hunter Biden’s financial crimes and irregularities was repeatedly obstructed by higher-ups at the DOJ. This is a clear case of preferential treatment, with Hunter Biden being given special privileges that ordinary taxpayers do not receive. It’s a shame that some in Congress have tried to explain away these concerns, as it is evident that the DOJ’s behavior amounted to obstruction.

Adding fuel to the fire is another IRS whistleblower, who claims that certain investigative steps leading to President Biden were forbidden. Democrats may argue that there is “no evidence” linking the president to any wrongdoing, but this assertion contradicts the whistleblower’s statement. The Biden protection racket is in full swing, with witnesses being pressured not to speak out and evidence being abandoned or ignored.

The fact pattern surrounding the Delaware investigation into the Bidens is questionable, to say the least. Felony charges have been permitted to expire, recommendations for prosecution have been rejected, and investigators have been barred from pursuing leads. It’s no wonder frustrated subordinates were told that charges couldn’t be filed in jurisdictions controlled by Biden appointees. The cover-up continues, and it seems the Biden family is untouchable.

As for Joe Biden’s claim that he never discussed business with his son, multiple sources have contradicted this statement. One business partner stated, on the record, that he personally dealt with the Bidens and heard Joe Biden discuss business matters. Another witness confirmed that Biden’s denial of knowledge about his son’s business affairs with a Chinese energy firm was a “blatant lie.” These are serious allegations that cannot be swept under the rug.

It’s also worth noting that Biden’s involvement in the firing of a Ukrainian prosecutor aligns perfectly with the desires of Hunter Biden’s lucrative employers. While others may have also wanted the prosecutor gone, it was Biden who ultimately orchestrated his removal. The fact that Hunter Biden was pressured to make this problem go away by his employers raises further suspicions. And let’s not forget that Hunter was apparently using burner phones during his time at Burisma. What were these phones used for?

The mounting evidence speaks for itself, and it’s time for the truth to come out. It’s hard to ignore the pattern of obstruction, cover-ups, and lies surrounding the Biden family. The American people deserve answers, and they deserve to know that their justice system is not compromised by political favoritism.

Written by Staff Reports

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