Is Elon Musk a Threat to National Security? Biden Plans to Look Into it…

During a press briefing, President Joe Biden was asked if the new Twitter owner, Elon Musk, could pose a threat to national security. He said that the billionaire's relationship with other countries could be looked into.

A reporter then asked Biden if he thought that Musk was a threat to the US. He was asked if the government should investigate his recent acquisition of Twitter with the help of foreign governments, such as Saudi Arabia.

He did not go into detail as to whether or not the billionaire was doing anything inappropriate.

Before the elections, Musk urged voters to support Republicans. He noted that the country's democracy would be better served by a more balanced government. He also argued that shared power would help prevent the worst abuses of both parties.

Musk criticized Biden for favoring the electric vehicle ventures of legacy automakers over Tesla. Despite the company's success, CNBC noted that Biden still favored these ventures.

In order to acquire Twitter, Musk had to invest heavily in his personal wealth. However, he also asked some of Twitter's existing shareholders to transfer their stakes to his holding company. One of these is Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal. The Kingdom of Qatar was also a part of the deal.

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