Voter Fraud? Chuck Schumer’s Opponent Sees 20,000 Votes VANISH!

Diane Sare, an independent candidate for Senate in New York, lost to Democratic imcumbant Chuck Schumer in Tuesday’s election. Sare was flabbergasted that she lost around 20,000 votes during the final hours of the campaign.

In response to a query regarding her loss, Sare posted a couple of pictures showing the results of her vote from Google’s election widget. According to her, she had over 55,000 votes last night and only 30,000 this morning. She questioned what happened to the 20,000 votes that went missing?

The total number of votes that Sare received in the election showed a decrease from 50,408 to 29,954. As of Thursday, her total was 27,904.

Although it is not clear why the discrepancies in Sare’s total number of votes occurred, some users on Twitter pointed out that it could be a sign of voter fraud.

One of the individuals who claimed to have voted for Sare said that they were made feel like they were disenfranchised due to the widespread voter fraud.

The discrepancies in the total number of votes cast in the election did not inspire confidence in the country’s electoral system. It contradicted Joe Biden’s claims that Election Day was a good day for democracy.

Written by Staff Reports

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