Israel Backers in GOP Undeterred, School Leftist Filmmaker on Faith!

In a heartening turn of events, several Republican lawmakers have expressed their unwavering support for Israel, citing biblical prophecies and the importance of the U.S.-Israel relationship. Left-leaning independent journalist Lee Fang captured the interviews on social media, with three Republicans and one Democrat providing their perspectives.

Republican Rep. Pete Sessions of Texas spoke openly about the biblical context, stating, “This entire matter is based upon faith of our Maker, of our Creator, but it’s also a faith of a chosen people.” He emphasized the significance of Israel as a chosen nation.

Next, Fang approached Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert of Colorado, who confidently stated that both Israel and the United States were created to glorify God. She pledged to bless and honor both nations while actively defending their interests. Fang even caught Boebert raising her eyebrows at the camera, seemingly amused by her own words.

The journalist then engaged in a more extensive conversation with Republican Rep. Tim Burchett of Tennessee, where Fang questioned the potential religious extremism behind U.S. support for Israel. Burchett responded, “I wouldn’t label the Baptist or the evangelical community as extreme because I believe — I feel like they’re following the Scripture and what the Scripture says about Israel.” He firmly expressed his belief in the Second Coming of Christ and his commitment to being on His side.

Conversely, Democratic Rep. James Clyburn of South Carolina demonstrated a lackluster response when questioned about the situation in Gaza. He deferred to President Biden, emphasizing that Congress should provide whatever the president asked for. Fang’s persistence in seeking congressional input was met with an unwavering allegiance to Biden.

The stark contrast between the Republicans’ deep-rooted support for Israel and the Democrats’ submissive attitude towards the party establishment is unmistakable. Republicans continue to draw upon their true ideological heritage, rooted in the fusion of Greco-Roman philosophy and British culture, alongside their spiritual connection to Judeo-Christian traditions.

It is reassuring to witness lawmakers who understand the historical and spiritual significance of Israel, recognizing the spiritual debt that the United States owes to this unique nation.

Written by Staff Reports

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