Ivanka Dragged into Trump’s NY Trial!

Ivanka Trump has been told by a judge that she has to testify in a civil fraud case against her dad, former President Donald Trump, and the Trump Organization. Judge Arthur Engoron said that even though Ivanka left her job at the Trump Organization in 2017 and moved out of New York, she still has important information for the case.

The lawsuit, which is being led by New York Attorney General Letitia James, claims that Trump lied about how much money he had to get loans from banks and other organizations. The Trump family and the Trump Organization say this is not true, and the former president says the trial is just a political trick.
Ivanka’s involvement in the case has been a big argument. At first, she was not included because of time limits, but her lawyers and the defense lawyers said she should not have to testify because she was already taken out of the case.

The lawyers for the state say that Ivanka played a big part in some of the things they are looking at in the trial, and she still has strong connections to the Trump Organization. They also say that because she used to work in the White House, she has important information for their investigation.

The judge agreed with the state and said Ivanka still does business in New York, including owning property there. He said, “Ms. Trump has clearly taken advantage of doing business in New York.” The state also wants to ask her about a hotel in Washington, D.C., that Trump used to own and that she made money from when it was sold.
The judge has set a date for Ivanka to testify after November 1, to give her legal team time to appeal if they want to.

The Attorney General’s office wants to ask Ivanka about the Washington, D.C. hotel that Trump used to own and that she made money from. They say that even though Ivanka has tried to distance herself from some parts of the Trump Organization, she is still tied up with them financially and is making money from lots of different businesses.

Ivanka’s brothers, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, are also going to testify in the case. The main accusation is that Trump exaggerated how much money he had on papers to get better loans and insurance. A lot of people are paying attention to this trial and are excited to hear what the Trump family members have to say.

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