Jack Smith Sneakily Bows Out of Trump Probe, What’s He Hiding?

Unexpectedly, Special Counsel Jack Smith has rescinded a subpoena requesting documents from the 2020 campaign of former President Trump. The ongoing investigation into whether or not Trump's campaign committed crimes is dealt a setback by this development. Notwithstanding allegations of election tampering, Trump's campaign successfully amassed for-nearly $250 million. But it now appears that the months-long investigation by Smith's office may be coming to a halt or even come to an end.

The decision to revoke the subpoena against Save America, the political action committee established by aides to Donald Trump, was initially published by The Washington Post one week ago. This, in conjunction with the rescinding of the subpoena targeting Trump's campaign, suggests that Smith's team might be experiencing a decline in momentum as they investigate possible legal infractions. It is not a secret that the House select committee investigating the events of January 6, 2021, has been pursuing the same objective—whether or not Trump and his advisers engaged in fundraising activities in violation of federal wire fraud statutes.

The financial aspects of Smith's investigation were omitted from the August-filed indictment, which charged Trump with conspiring to subvert the 2020 election in order to retain office. The current reason for the withdrawal of the subpoenas is unknown; however, Smith's office has previously conducted investigations into the Trump PAC. They have investigated the campaign's expenditures and fundraising, as well as interviewed PAC-affiliated witnesses.

This most recent development gives rise to inquiries regarding the investigation's credibility and genuine impartiality. It appears that even after Trump has departed office, certain forces may be attempting to discredit his campaign and undermine him. It is critical to bear in mind that the foundation of an investigation ought to be factual, devoid of political biases. We must maintain vigilance as conservatives and continue to scrutinize the motivations underlying these investigations.

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