James O’Keefe Exposes Fox Producer’s Tucker Carlson Admission

A liberal conspiracy has been revealed as a conservative watchdog group obtained video evidence of a Fox News producer confessing that the surprising firing of Tucker Carlson was related to Dominion Voting Systems, alongside a “shady” former advisor at the White House, and pressure from advertisers such as Pfizer. The video was obtained by James O’Keefe, who released the footage on Monday; it shows Fox producer Sean Langille chatting to an anonymous associate over coffee about the recent events that took place post-Carlson’s departure.

According to Langille, Carlson’s firing was part of the settlement that Fox reached to end a lawsuit by Dominion charged with defaming the company and its voting technology following the 2020 election. This revelation shows that Dominion is undoubtedly attempting to silence its critics through using the legal system; however, conservative heroes such as Tucker Carlson will not be held hostage by its legal maneuvers.

Langille also implicated a “Biden advisor,” Mike LaRosa, who is “crafting Dominion’s message to the public.” The conflict of interest here is clear, given that LaRosa left the White House to undermine networks that are unfavorable to his boss. It should come as no surprise that Biden is using his former staffing supervisor to manipulate news networks that refuse to partake in his twisted political agenda.

It’s no secret that pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer have a history of silencing individuals whom they disagree with. Langille suggests that advertisers such as Pfizer “behold” the network and are unhappy with Carlson’s views on their Covid-19 vaccine, which is why Fox News leadership has been under such immense pressure to remove him. It’s clear that Carlson’s recent departure has put the network on the defensive, and advertisers and big pharma, in particular, are taking advantage of it.

It’s now been confirmed that Carlson’s firing was the outcome of a deadly political game played by powerful regimes, proven with evidence against Dominion and a shady Biden lobbyist who’s trying to dictate the news. After his departure from Fox News in April, Carlson has announced that he will take his talents elsewhere, this time to a platform in which he cannot be fired or silenced: Twitter.

Written by Staff Reports

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