Jill Biden Faces Accusations of Manipulation Amid Joe’s Debate Struggles Claims Ex-Husband

Following Joe Biden’s debate debacle, accusations are swirling about his wife’s alleged manipulation for personal gain, with her ex-husband adding his voice to the growing chorus of critics.

Bill Stevenson, who was once married to Jill Biden, has spoken out, expressing disbelief at the transformation he perceives in his former spouse as she exerts influence over the beleaguered president.

Stevenson has raised concerns about what he sees as a drastic change in Jill’s character, particularly in her unwavering support of Joe Biden’s presidential aspirations despite his evident struggles.

Criticism has not been spared for Jill’s public remarks on her husband’s debate performance, with some deeming her comments as condescending and potentially emblematic of elder abuse.

Stevenson has intimated that Jill may have cheated on him with Joe Biden in the past but maintains he harbors no resentment towards her, though he finds her current prominent role in the political arena surprising.

Amidst speculation and scrutiny, Jill Biden remains resolute in her support of her husband, refuting claims of his alleged dishonesty by contrasting it with what she purports to be his sincerity, a sentiment that Stevenson vehemently opposes based on his personal knowledge of the Bidens.

Despite growing doubts about Joe Biden’s mental acuity, Jill and her stepson Hunter Biden have reportedly encouraged him to persist in his presidential bid, while a significant portion of the voting populace remains skeptical about his fitness for office.

As Jill Biden continues to make media appearances defending her husband and touting his commitment to the nation, questions linger about her true intentions, particularly as she enjoys the spotlight and engages in a high-profile defense of the Biden legacy.

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