Jill Biden Slams MAGA, but Ignores Hunter’s Scandals & Joe’s Border Crisis!

During a recent event attended by Democratic donors and influential individuals, First Lady Jill Biden expressed her perplexity regarding the continued support for former President Donald Trump among 80% of Republicans, even after his federal indictment. Dr. Jill emphasized that the upcoming 2024 presidential election presents a clear choice between Joe Biden's "strong, steady leadership" and the perceived "chaos and corruption, hatred and division" associated with "MAGA Republicans." However, it is essential to question the First Lady's surprise regarding the ongoing support for Trump, as well as the notion of "strong, steady leadership" attributed to the President.

It is true that Democrats may not show concern for Hunter Biden's alleged illicit business dealings in countries like China and Ukraine, including his direct involvement with the Biden Family Business. Moreover, the intentional creation of the significant crisis at the Southern Border by Joe Biden, allegedly for the benefit of the Democratic Party, while denying it for political advantage, raises valid questions. In light of these issues, Jill Biden's criticism of Trump seems audacious.

Furthermore, according to a report by the Associated Press, the First Lady ominously warned the audience, stating, "We cannot go back to those dark days." However, a substantial majority of Americans believe that Joe Biden has led the country in the wrong direction, with even a majority of Democrats expressing a lack of desire for his candidacy in 2024, let alone him continuing as the party's standard bearer for another four years of perceived dissatisfaction.

While Jill Biden is widely regarded as one of her husband's strongest assets and seen by some Democrats as someone they can connect with, she may face criticism for allowing her husband, who is often perceived as mumbling and confused, to run for the presidency in 2020 and pushing for his reelection in 2024 as an elderly individual. It is evident that Jill Biden's unwavering support for her husband stemmed from personal reasons rather than solely considering the greater good. Such hypocrisy on the part of this self-proclaimed "good doctor" is regrettable.

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