Jill Biden’s $350K Travel Stirs Controversy Amid Son’s Trial and D-Day Events

First Lady Jill Biden has been reported to have racked up a bill of almost $350,000 for her travels from Delaware to France and back so she could attend both the D-Day commemoration and be present during her son Hunter Biden’s trial. Hunter Biden was facing trial over the alleged illegal purchase of a gun in Delaware while the D-Day memorial services were taking place in France, and Jill Biden wanted to be present at both events.

According to estimates from the National Taxpayers Union Foundation, the flights are being billed to the U.S. government, with the cost estimated at $345,400. The cost may even be higher due to the use of a government plane, which typically charges $200,000 per flight hour, as reported by Fox News. 


While the Democratic Party is footing some of the tab by paying for what the first lady’s flight would have cost if she had flown commercially, American taxpayers will be covering the remainder of the bill. The first lady’s office stated that the government will be reimbursed the value of a first-class fare for these flights to and from Wilmington, with the White House withholding the exact costs of the flights.

Jill Biden flew to Paris from Wilmington, then flew back to attend her son’s trial, and subsequently flew back to Paris to join her husband at D-Day commemoration events. The White House Military Office is responsible for calculating the flight costs and reporting them to relevant agencies and organizations.

It has also been highlighted that the cost of the first lady’s desire to be present at both events is more than five times the average annual salary in the United States. In addition to the flight costs for Jill Biden, President Biden received criticism for his speech at the D-Day memorial event, where he was admonished for comments made regarding Russian casualties and for the manner in which he approached the commemoration day.


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