Jim Caviezel Exposes Gov’t Child Trafficking Ring, Saves 200 Kids in New Film

Jim Caviezel, the actor who played Jesus in The Passion of the Christ, talked about his new film “Sound of Freedom” on the War Room podcast with Steve Bannon. The film, based on a true story, exposes the grisly world of child sex trafficking. In making the film, Caviezel worked with former federal agents and 30 Navy SEALS in Colombia.

During the podcast, Caviezel exposed that several US agencies are involved in child sex trafficking. He also revealed that there are five drug agents to every one human trafficking agent, indicating that it’s probably something the senior government apparatus doesn’t want to solve. He asserts that some government officials may be profiting off this heinous crime.

Caviezel states that he wants the film “Sound of Freedom” to bring light on evil. He believes it’s the most important movie to be made and the reason why he wanted to become an actor. The movie is about good versus evil, and focuses on the small numbers of missing children which are ignored by the media day after day, story after story.

Caviezel’s team encountered a difficult situation while filming. Some of the team members disappeared, but they managed to rescue 200 children in the middle of it all. The film is so powerful that it drove them to make a difference.

The actor went further to call on the media to do more than read what they are told and follow the story. Caviezel believes that media personalities need to get into the Dark Web and hell to see the truth about the child sex trafficking crisis. He wants everyone to go beyond their comfort zones and confront the issue, including congressmen, organizers, whistleblowers, and journalists.

Caviezel’s new film “Sound of Freedom” is set to premiere on July 4th in theaters across the country. It’s a movie that everyone should watch on American Independence Day. It’s time to bring light on the evils happening across the globe, and for us to stand up against child sex trafficking.

Source: Daily Fetched

Written by Staff Reports

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