OceanGate CEO Missing: Ditches “Old White Guys” Sub Operators for Youth & Innovation

OceanGate CEO Stockton Rush is currently missing aboard one of the company’s vessels, and video footage has surfaced of Rush explaining the company’s controversial decision not to hire experienced sub operators. During a recent Zoom interview with Teledyne Marine, Rush stated that he did not want to hire “50-year-old white guys” who are retired military submariners. Instead, OceanGate has focused on hiring “intelligent, motivated, younger individuals” to operate their vessels. According to Rush, this decision was made in order to inspire others to pursue marine technology.

Despite the controversy surrounding this decision, Rush is confident that the company can train anyone to pilot their submarines. The company has even implemented an innovative approach to safety by using techniques similar to those used in the aerospace industry. Rush believes that these approaches are more effective than traditional ocean-related practices and that they allow OceanGate to hire younger, more intelligent operators.

While rescue efforts for Rush and his crew have so far been unsuccessful, crews are using sonar to search for the missing vessel. However, the clock is ticking, as oxygen supplies are quickly running out. It remains to be seen whether OceanGate’s decision to prioritize youth and inspiration over experience will ultimately prove to be a wise one. However, what is certain is that Rush and his team do not deserve to be criticized for attempting to push the limits and innovate in their industry. The pursuit of new knowledge and technology should always be applauded, especially when it involves inspiring younger generations to pursue their dreams.

Source: Townhall


Written by Staff Reports

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