China Outraged as Biden Calls Xi Dictator: Can’t Handle the Truth?

In yet another shocking development, China has dared to express displeasure with President Joe Biden for calling their leader, Xi Jinping, a dictator. It seems like China just can’t handle the truth.

Biden, on a fundraising trip in California, responded to a reporter that he hoped to meet with Xi again to talk about “legitimate differences we have, but also how those areas we can get along.” However, he also referred to Xi as a dictator, drawing severe criticism from China.

This is not the first time President Biden has drawn diplomatic tensions with his loose lips. Back in March 2022, Biden called Russian President Vladimir Putin a “war criminal” and a dictator, but his White House Press Secretary walked it back, claiming it was just Biden’s personal opinion.

It seems that President Biden just can’t help himself when it comes to labeling foreign leaders in a way that fuels tensions. It’s a good thing that China has a thick skin and can take criticism.

As expected, the liberal media is outraged at China’s response, defending Biden’s actions as simply telling the truth. But it’s clear that they are simply blind to the flaws in this administration’s foreign policy.

In conclusion, China needs to learn to take a joke and stop being so sensitive. President Biden was right to call out Xi as a dictator, and it’s disappointing that the mainstream media can’t see that.

Written by Staff Reports

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