Obama Judge OKs Risky Trans Surgeries for Kids, Ignores Facts

On Tuesday, an activist Obama appointed judge from Little Rock struck down a common-sense state law in Arkansas that protected minors from irreversible, experimental transgender surgeries and hormone treatments. Judge James M. Moody Jr. of Federal Court sided with advocates of child experimentation who claim that the law discriminates against transgender individuals and violates doctors’ “constitutional rights.” Moody also noted that gender-affirming medical care is somehow necessary for improving mental health and well-being, but he conveniently ignored any evidence to the contrary.

It is disappointing that yet another liberal activist judge has chosen to prioritize a leftist agenda over the well-being of our children. The law was designed to protect minors, but Moody and his ilk would rather force dangerous and experimental practices on them to appease their leftist allies.

Arkansas Attorney General Tim Griffin, a Republican, rightfully plans to appeal this decision. He noted that Moody has missed the reality, which is that there is no scientific proof that suggests any child would benefit from these dangerous procedures and that their consequences are not only harmful but are often permanent. It is Griffin’s duty, as an elected official, to protect the youth of Arkansas from the radical experimentation that the left wants to impose.

This is not just a problem in Arkansas; it is global. Last year, a warning from England’s National Health Service highlighted that most children who identify as transgender are only ‘exploring’ their identity in a ‘transient phase.’ In the thick of such problematic evidence, children are being experimented on and robbed of their proper developmental growth. One of Finland’s top experts on pediatric gender medicine stated that four out of five children who believe that their biological sexes do not align with their gender identities will eventually grow out of it during their teenage years.

It is imperative that we call Judge Moody out for his dangerous and misguided decision. Conservatives must do all we can to protect the health, sanity, and well-being of our children. We can’t allow fringe leftists to propagate dangerous ideas in the name of personal agendas.

Written by Staff Reports

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