Jim Jordan and Dem Rep Clash Over Twitter Censorship

The Biden Administration’s disregard for the First Amendment is evident in the recent clash between Republican Representative Jim Jordan from Ohio and Democratic Representative Daniel Goldman from New York on the issue of government agencies censoring information. During the debate, Jordan highlighted the fact that the White House had requested Twitter to remove a tweet from Robert F. Kennedy Jr., a well-known environmental activist and vaccine opponent. Meanwhile, Republican Attorney General Jeff Landry of Louisiana released documents on Friday that included an email from White House Director of Digital Strategy Rob Flaherty to an unidentified Facebook employee dated April 14, 2021, questioning why videos produced by Fox News host Tucker Carlson and commentator Tomi Lahren criticizing vaccines had not been subject to “reduction.”

The assertion by Goldman that the First Amendment is not without limitations is a risky and careless remark that may have an intimidating impact on free expression. The Biden Administration’s attempts to silence conservative perspectives and steer public discourse to further their objectives are evident. This constitutes an attack on the American people and their entitlement to free speech.

The disclosure by journalist Michael Shellenberger that the FBI paid Twitter $3.5 million from October 2019 to February 2021 is unsettling and sparks concerns regarding the government’s participation in social media censorship. Moreover, journalist Matt Taibbi’s access to documents that revealed Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff of California’s office urging Twitter to censor a post ridiculing former Democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden, following a retweet by then-President Donald Trump, is also disquieting.

The Biden Administration’s active involvement in censoring conservative viewpoints on social media and controlling public discourse is evident, setting a risky precedent that may pose significant consequences for free speech in the United States. The American people have the right to freely express their opinions without apprehension of censorship or backlash from the government. The Biden Administration must halt their censorship attempts and allow Americans to exercise their right to free speech without the fear of any repercussions.

Written by Staff Reports

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