Whoopi Goldberg: Tucker Carlson “Recruiting Domestic Terrorists”

It is no surprise that Whoopi Goldberg has once again come out with a controversial statement. This time, she is attacking Tucker Carlson and Fox News for allegedly radicalizing and recruiting “domestic terrorists” through the spread of misinformation. While Whoopi has a long history of making controversial statements, this accusation is particularly egregious. Not only does it ignore the fact that Tucker Carlson’s team reviewed thousands of hours of video footage to uncover a starkly different account of events from that presented by the January 6 committee’s broadcasts, but it also implies that Fox News is actively encouraging violence and insurrection.

Whoopi’s comments are especially concerning given her past history of defending people accused of sexual assault and inappropriate behavior. This is yet another example of her lack of judgment and her willingness to ignore facts in favor of her own political agenda. It is clear that Whoopi Goldberg is more interested in attacking her political opponents than she is in finding the truth. Her comments are irresponsible and should not be taken seriously.

Written by Staff Reports

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